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  • IMG_5372Find Your Perfect Match with IMAN Cosmetics

    This past Saturday, I was so excited to work with one of my favorite beauty brands for women of color, IMAN Cosmetics. I had the pleasure of being a guest Blogger and Makeup Artist for a small event at Walmart.  My first experience with IMAN Cosmetics was many years ago, when I was a Cosmetic Sales Associate at a Carson’s … Read more →

  • IMG_2308Highlight, Illuminate and Glow

    Guest Post By: Beauty School Scarlet

    A few weeks ago during our cold winter spell I the Chicago area, I had an awesome girl’s day at Mojo Spa in Chicago and it was AMAZING to say the least!

  • photo-158How to Eyeshadow Tutorial for Beginners

    Is eyeliner and lipstick the extent of  your makeup routine because you don’t know where to start when it comes to eyeshadow, foundation etc? Well cozy up to your computer screen, today’s video is for you! If there is one thing I know for sure selecting the right colors to … Read more →


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