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  • Sally Social Media Flyer-ChicagoBloggers2Flaunt Your Look at Sally’s Beauty Supply

    Spring is finally here and I’m excited to get out doors and enjoy the weather. This Saturday I’m kicking off the spring season with Beautiful Textures and Sally’s Beauty Supply at the “Flaunt Your Look” event. If you don’t already know, I am a former cosmetic retail sales associate, so … Read more →

  • 1931183_39009117451_4787_nWhen I Grow Up

    I have fond memories of growing up in a household with my parents and five siblings. My Dad is a preacher,  and our religious beliefs impacted almost everything we did, including fashion and beauty. My parents were also very conservative. As an artistic child, I found it challenging to express … Read more →

  • 606_41054992451_8438_nA Wish For My Child

    In 10 years, I hope that my daughters will see more faces in the media that are a true representation of who multicultural women really are. In the mainstream media and entertainment industry, women unfortunately are often encouraged to be argumentative and inauthentic. I can honestly say that I have … Read more →


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