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  • 1931183_39009117451_4787_nWhen I Grow Up

    I have fond memories of growing up in a household with my parents and five siblings. My Dad is a preacher,  and our religious beliefs impacted almost everything we did, including fashion and beauty. My parents were also very conservative. As an artistic child, I found it challenging to express … Read more →

  • 606_41054992451_8438_nA Wish For My Child

    In 10 years, I hope that my daughters will see more faces in the media that are a true representation of who multicultural women really are. In the mainstream media and entertainment industry, women unfortunately are often encouraged to be argumentative and inauthentic. I can honestly say that I have … Read more →

  • IMG_0656Vision Board Confessions

    A great way to make a visual reminder of your goals, dreams etc is to create a vision board. I must confess I have done this twice. The first time was many years ago when I was the leader of a sales and marketing team.  Working on the vision board … Read more →


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