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  • AfricanPridePromoPhotoHome for the Holidays Contest

    Like most of you the holidays are my favorite time of the year and what better way to enjoy Thanksgiving or Christmas than by sharing quality time with your family. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to bake cookies, spend most of the day in my pajamas … Read more →

  • 1DC02877The Cutest Solange Wedding Video

    Thank you Lawdy for Solange showing up and showing out this weekend at her amazing, artistic wedding! Solange showed us you do not have to take your clothes off to break the internet!! Somebody please give Kimmy Cakes a clue:) I loved everything about this wedding, the fashion, natural hair … Read more →

  • IMG_8450My Castor Oil Beauty Secrets

    There is nothing better than finding a product that helps solve multiple beauty dilemmas. If you know anything about castor oil, I’m sure you’ve heard the many claims of how this miracle ingredient helps to grow healthy hair. I must admit, while I’d  watched many YouTube videos and heard of … Read more →


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